The Future and the Past

On this page you will find two subsections: a roadmap about planned features (representing the future) and a changelog with a list of closed issues (representing the past).


The following list shows a very rough and high-level view of upcoming milestones/features. For a more concrete list of features please have a look at the Mantis Roadmap.

Version 0.6

Test and Code cleanup version only.

  • General Tests Improvements (enhanced, refactoring)
  • System Tests (use osceletion -i some_recorded_session.oni)
  • Code Cleanup (refactoring, DRY)

Version 0.5

Work in prgoress

  • Not yet available :)

Version 0.4

Finished (part of) foundation logic and introducing first Gesture.

  • Add MotionSeparator
  • Add first gesture detection: HitWallGesture
  • Console Window Prototype (with Growl integration!)


Version 0.3 (2001-03-15)

Enhanced foundation logic: Introducing new UserService to provide a consistent user management.

  • #0000015 [API Enhancement] Add UserService to properly keep track of available users
  • #0000020 [API Enhancement] Bugfix: Crash when OSCeleton gets restarted and reuses user IDs
  • #0000007 [Test] Add Integration Tests

Version 0.2 (2011-03-11)

Introducing Josceleton Facade providing a simplified access to the API. This module also provides a Guice module for immediate usage.

  • #0000010 [API Enhancement] Implement new Josceleton Facade Module
  • #0000003 [Build Management] Enhance developer environment
  • #0000004 [Documentation] Setup initial documentation

Version 0.1 (2011-03-08)

Initial version providing simple access to a OSCeleton server. Mostly working on project setup and build management.

  • #0000012 [API Enhancement] Implement basic connection to OSCeleton
  • #0000013 [Code Quality] Comply with comprehensive Coding Policies